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***HAPPY CHRISTMAS*** to all of our clients past & present,

Est. 2003.   We are a small family based local business providing clients in Gloucestershire &  neighbouring counties with Architectural, Planning & Building Regulation Drawings for Loft Conversion & Extensions.   Free initial Consultation / Visit.

NB. given the continued high level of

business activity we ask that all correspondence  be made via Email to ensure we can deal with all enquiries in order 






We are please to advise that we are now taking appointments for January 2022 

CORONAVIRUS (COVID - 19)   from 06.12.21 

For the foreseeable future on all visits we will be

maintaining our current COVID 19 measures & trust you

will be happy to comply. 


We require that at least 10 minutes prior to our visit all

windows throughout the property are be opened. Masks

are to be worn by all parties  present for the duration of

the visit.  Weather permitting conversations are best held 

outside where masks will not be required, if social

distancing rules can be met.


If on arrival we find the windows are not open we will

request they are opened before we enter the building.



Please note that we do not undertake drawing work for

buildings that require Listed Building Consent as we do

not have access to the specialist knowledge required.


Image by Antonio Caverzan


Skylight Conversions

Dormer Conversions

Hip to Gable Conversions

Loft Conversions in Timber Frame Houses

Upgrading Existing Conversions  

Loft Conversion News: up until recently most loft conversions were designed with an enhanced smoke detector system avoiding, in many cases, the need  fire doors. However, we will now be specifying fire doors in all loft conversions unless a property specific fire engineering report can justify otherwise. 


Single Story Extensions, Two Story Extensions, Internal Alterations, Structural Alterations . Timber Frame & Traditional Construction

We can work from the smallest porch addition up to large multibedroom schemes and complete remodelling.

NB. we currently do not undertake design/planning work on new houses  but will provide Building Regulation Drawings where approval is obtained by others.

Image by Ionut Vlad


Planning Drawings & Applications 

Building Regulation Application Drawings

Construction Drawings for Quotation Purposes

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When considering a building project there are a number of items

that need to be considered other than the need to obtain

planning permission & building regulation approval, these


Party Wall Agreements, Drainage Build Over Agreements &

Structural Engineering these all need to be agreed well in

advance of building works commencing and might require

the involvement of specialist third party providers: Party Wall Surveyors & CCTV Survey Companies etc. 

A SAP 2012 Report will be required where extensions

comprise excessive glazing ( excessive = glazing

representing more than 25% of the floor area of the


New for 2022  The government is continuing to move towards

green forms of heating - Heat Pumps & Hydrogen Boilers etc.

to ensure our country meets its Zero Carbon Targets, However

all of this will be in vain unless insulation (floor, wall , roof,

windows etc,) in the current housing stock is improved!  The

ideal and most economic time to improve the insulation in

your home is while your existing house in undergoing

extensions / alterations. VJM Design House are committed to

achieving Zero Carbon both in our own operations and on our

clients projects and will ask you at the start of a project if you

would like us to design all building work to assist you

achieving this.  Some insulation upgrades can be simple and

cost effective - loft and cavity wall insulation to the existing

house; replacing windows for higher performing triple glazed windows.   We find that the new building works - extensions

etc.  can be upgraded to insulation levels above those of the

building regulations quite economically and will be

recommending this to all of our clients.   For our own part,

transport to and from clients / project is the largest part of our

carbon footprint which we are currently working on and will let

you know over the course of 2022 and beyond how we are getting on. 

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